NOVELS Published by My Weekly

My novels for ‘My Weekly’ so far.

I began my first novel in July of 2017. Before that, I’d only written short stories and had no idea that I could ever write something longer than a few thousand words. My consultant diagnosed me with sleep apnoea and I was given a Resmed CPAP machine to help regulate my breathing so that I didn’t stop breathing during the night. The machine increased the oxygen flow to my little brain and improved my health dramatically. At the same time I could envisage a complete novel ready to be written. I began Lost in the Outback within two weeks and submitted it to a publisher three months later. It was published by D.C.Thomson in March 2018. Since then I’ve had ten more novels accepted and or published by My Weekly and have found a new avenue for my writing that allows my imagination to run free. As for the future … I’ll have to wait and see.

Here are links to pages about my novels with excerpts as well as the stories behind them.

Christmas Down Under

Valley of Secrets

Wings of a Nightingale

Lost in the Outback

Searching for Scarlett

Green Skies at Night