I’m a retired Australian Science teacher now living in the French countryside with my dearest wife Anne and our cat Zorro. During my life I’ve visited over 35 countries. Born in Sydney where I went to Fort Street Boys’ High School, then onto teaching. Meeting and marrying Anne we’ve lived in England, then Tassie (my favourite place) then France.

Since taking an active interest in writing, I’ve sold over sixty short stories . Most of these have been with the nationally circulated magazine That’s Life in Australia although I have had success with Take a Break in the U.K. and Ireland’s Own.

I’m unsure why I have more success in Australia but suspect they appreciate the often quirky style of my writing.

My first novel Lost in the Outback was published by My Weekly in 2018. Since then My Weekly have also kindly published six others, Trouble in Paradise, Christmas Down Under, Searching for Scarlett, Firestorm, Valley of Secrets and Wings of a Nightingale. Each of these will eventually have their own page on my site telling you a bit about the story and how it came to be.

Ulverscoft have agreed to publish five of my novels in the large print Linford Romance series. These books are only available in libraries but are able to be ordered in Britain, Australasia, Canada and the United States.

Although most of my stories are designed to appeal to the Woman’s magazine market (so called Womags), I have written a story called ‘Possum’ and a serial called ‘Green Skies at Night’ for the New South Wales Department of Education magazine ‘Orbit’, both of which have been published and circulated to Primary school children as part of their reading programme. I’m very proud of that achievement as I fondly recall reading the same magazine when attending Croydon Boys’ Primary school back in the late fifties and early sixties.

Here are some of my published tales.

The Collector of Nothings

 The Pastel Blue Kangaroo