Lost in the Outback

‘Outback’ began it’s life way back in July 2018. I’ve forgotten why I chose to do this apart from the simple fact that I’m Australian. In 1970 I left home to begin my teaching career in a town on the edge of the Riverina in New South Wales.

I taught there for three years in a Central school that had 200 pupils from Kindy to year 10 (about 16). Loads of pleasant memories but I was quite naive. Stupid even. I was only four years older that my oldest student. I taught Science and Art. There were only a few Secondary teachers.

As I was writing for a female centric market, my protagonist (main character) was a woman. Life was not easy for our Amy as she’s almost killed in an explosion even before she starts her first day. Though her life there was much more exciting than me it was fun to take elements of reality and weave my characters around them. I did a lot of research too.

My Weekly published it as a Pocket Novel in March 2018 and now Linford Romance has selected it to be published too in large print. Linford sell to libraries in the States, Canada, Australasia and Britain.