Searching for Scarlett

This was my first novel set in England. I lived in Manchester for 18 years and travelled extensively. It was a different type of novel for me as my heroine developed Bell’s Palsy and found herself dealing with the implications in her job. She’s a detective in the police force at Hereford and has begun tracking down two girls kidnapped from their home.

The kidnappers single her out as a contact person even though she is ill, with one side of her face paralysed.Fortunately her long time friend from the town of Bromyard is there to help her.

Soon the friendship develops past that as the not so-dynamic duo struggle to trace the criminals and return the girls, Crystal and Scarlett to their distraught parents.

I knew Bromyard well, having visited it many times to see my best man and his family over the years from 1977 to 2017. It’s set in an idyllic part of Britain.

The novel is set in the nineties, a time when I had to deal with Bell’s Palsy myself. I had help writing this regarding research from the Facial Palsy group in the UK but I could relate to my fictional character easily, from the problems with speech, eating and being robbed of a simple smile.

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