Where is Alan C. Williams?

Well, contrary to rumours I’m still here. Unfortunately my brain has gone walkabout for the past five months and is proving elusive to find. My apologies to those thousands of devoted followers who have been concerned over my absence on this amazing website.

On top of the trauma of leaving our home in France for soggier climes (ie England), I ended up with septic shock just after quarantining in Bournemouth with some wonderful friends.

Two weeks in hospital then months of slow recovery. My body is back to its taut, muscular status but depression and thoughts of what might have been, have left me struggling at times. I’m not alone with this problem. Writing has always been my lynchpin and my somewhat bizarre imagination has permitted me a modicum of success in writing womag short stories and lately novels.

Trouble is, that part of me has done a runner.

However things are on the improve so please bear with me and hopefully normal service will be restored early in the new year.

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