New Year. New Start.

Okay everybody,

Happy New Year for 2020.

Looking back on my site not a lot has happened on it. I could blame my cat, Zorro but that would be mean of me. It was my fault. Laziness, too busy doing other stuff but mainly I forgot that I’d even set this blinking thing up. Now it’s almost New Years Day 2020 and there is a lot going on in my writing life.

I will try to keep you up to date and will try not to forget this is here to rabbit on with. Promise.

Let’s see. I have a new My Weekly Pocket Novel due out on the 9th Jan. It’s called Valley of Secrets and is a wild treasure hunting adventure set in West Yorkshire. That’s in England in case some of my Aussie readers don’t know.
I’ll put up a page when it appears.

In Feb, Ulverscroft are bringing out a large print book, Lost in the Outback. That’s set in Yorkshire too. Whoops. No it’s not. It’s set in the Riverina in New South Wales and that is in my old home state, Australia.
It was my first ever novel written two and a half years ago. If you’re interested, you can ask your library to order it if you’re in Britain, Canada, the States or Australia and New Zealand. It’s part of the Linford Romance collection and is only available in libraries at this time.

Also in Feb, my seventh My Weekly novel, Wings of a Nightingale hits the shelves in Britain. It’s a World War 2 drama set in Lancashire with an Aussie nurse trying to track down German spies.
That’s the immediate future.

At present over in Australia, my short story, Green Skies at Night might still be available in That’s Life January Mega Monthly. My My Weekly novel Firestorm is on sale there at the moment, a reflection of the terrible bushfires there at present. It was written in March, published in the UK in Sept and has only just reached Aussie shores.

As to what I’m doing this week, I’ll add that tomorrow.

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