New better website name

I was never happy with the old domain name but thought I was stuck with it. Not so, apparently. This one is much better. You have to realise I’m not technologically minded. After all, I’m Australian. When we drink beer it’s from a tinnie, not a glass. And dressing up for a wedding or something extra special means wearing black thongs (or flip-flops if you’re British).. I reckon there’s something in the air over there that means some of us Aussies struggle with any computer more complicated than an Amstrad 464. But I digress. New website name. Ripper!!

Yesterday I signed contracts with Ulverscroft for them to publish my second Tasmanian novel Firestorm. It came out in the UK in Sept 19 and in Australia in Dec 19. Sadly what was my fictional drama/romance story set in the seventies, is now reality in my home country as I write this. So much destruction of property, lives and our native forests and wildlife. I’ve seen far too many fires and the blackened aftermath over there. To think that people are deliberately setting them is unbelievable.

It was 20 years ago late Dec that Anne and I arrived in Tasmania. We rented a house on 25 hectares overlooking Bruny Island south of Hobart. There were fires on South Bruny and we could see them across the Derwent River from our mountaintop vantage point. Fire was always a part of life when we lived in the Huon Valley which is where Firestorm was set.

2 thoughts on “New better website name

    • It’s taken a week to get the bugs out of it. Not techno minded and I’ll probably forget what I’ve done. Still I’m happy. Blocks are a novelty.


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