Raindrop Girl

Kirsty’s affinity with the rain makes her strange in most people’s eyes…until the day she meets Ethan, owner and boss of the company housed in an atmospheric and haunted castle, complete with its own Grey Lady apparition. What mysteries will she be drawn into…and will she also be drawn into Ethan s arms?

Raindrop Girl is out 1/8/23 in large print and will be available in libraries worldwide (especially if you request they buy it from Unverscroft – Linford Romance). It began life as a short story then a My Weekly Pocket Novel that was published March 2022. It’s quite a quirky story about a Rain Whisperer embroiled with ghosts. a Scottish castle, espionage and murder. Oh yes, there’s quite a lot of mushy romance stuff too. (Well. It is a romance story after all)

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