The Return of Super-Possum

The Original School Magazine Cover

Great news, out of the blue today. My second ever sale, Possum, back in 2012 is being reprinted in Australia for the second time. Obviously the powers that be like this tale. It was inspired by where I lived in the Huon Valley, Tasmania. Better news than is usually the case with reprints, I’m to be paid yet again.

I loved to read the School Magazine when I was a youngster, running around in the hand-made Superman cossie courtesy of my mum. It fired up my imagination which, despite setbacks, is still there. I guess I’m still a kid at heart. And that’s never a bad thing.

Up, up and away

Possum will be in a magazine that primary pupils in New South Wales will be supplied with as part of their classroom reading. The magazine goes overseas too into Asian schools as far as I’m aware. That’s a lot of kids hopefully improving both their reading skills and imagination. What really appealed to the editor was my strong female lead in this action drama.

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