Green Skies at Night

My Linford Romance Green Skies at Night is published 1/6/21. It’s the eighth large print novel in my collection from Ulverscroft.

When a wide-ranging Green Skies weather phenomenon threatens the people of Tulsa, Oklahoma with destruction, it’s up to meteorologist Amber Devane to warn them. The trouble is, the local media don’t believe her predictions. She must put aside her recovery from an operation to save her family and her county. Aided by school-friend Ryan, a native American astronomer, the two of them must fight the tumultuous weather and prejudices as well as struggle with their own whirlwind budding romance…

I wrote this as a children’s serial which was published in 2014 NSW School Magazine. Later I rewrote it as an adult short story then a novel. Maybe next time I’ll do it as a script for a movie. I can only hope …

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