Renaissance Man – Well … Sort of.

Mother and cubs – Watercolour and ink

Long before I sold my first attempts at writing, I enjoyed sketching and later, painting. The fact that I dabble in different arts might make me a renaissance man … or not. I don’t claim to be great at my art or writing but having sold over fifty original paintings and sketches over the years, I’m pleased that others liked my efforts.

Baby Tiger Watercolour and ink
Watercolour and ink
Koka Koala Pen & Ink
Watercolour Pencil
Sheeps – Acrylic
Pen and ink sketch

Tasmanian Devil

I’ve grouped my work according to themes rather than any time period. I’m especially proud of later animal paintings which combine inkwork with watercolour and acrylics.

Illustrations from an Australian Children’s book about A Dancing Brolga

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