Moonlight Rising Hits the Shops

Moonlight was the name of a character that I proposed to DC Comics way back in 84. I was teaching at Picnic Point High in Sydney at the time. The editor for New Talent Showcase was intrigued by the idea of a woman with a daughter who could both move between dimensions including seeing ghosts. I visited the editor in New York on our way to England but sadly, the editor moved on and my chance to write for Superman and Batman never eventuated.

Fast forward 36 years and I was chatting with a different editor about a new project. She suggested a detective or spy trilogy. I chose the sixties and, exploiting characters and places I knew, suggested using my wife’s experiences as a croupier in Manchester casinos to provide an exotic fast moving adventure/romance. Moonlight had risen again.

There’s fact and fiction blended together and the result is a story of which I’m very proud. I love the cover.

Coincidentally, I finished writing the second in the trilogy, Moonlight Shadow, this week. I began to write it 18/7 so am very pleased to have finished it in 2 months – one finger typing is tedious but the end result is worth it.

I recall Mike Oldfield’s Moonlight Shadow from 1984, one of my favourite songs. I watched it on YouTube to help get me in the writing mood for this new thriller. Song titles inspire me to create books and short stories.

But today is all about introducing Moonlight (Jane Summers) to the world. This book, Moonlight Rising and Green Skies at Night are available to read on the UK site Readly.

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