Lockdown Diary – 2020 – 79 – And Again

I appreciate the mention of Green Skies at Night, Anne. This began life as a children’s serial in Australia then a short story (in Australia’s That’s Life and June’s Take a Break Fiction Feast in the UK. Really proud of the support from fellow writers like you.

Novels Now

Hair clippers (human)

DH had his second in-house haircut last night. He then took part in a zoom meeting where he felt quite at home because the other two chaps had also just had their 2nd in-house haircuts. He had also headed out for a croquet match where all three lawns were in operation. I walked around the block and posted a couple of cards. Oh, and I turned that marmalade pulp into marmalade – another ‘And again’ moment.

Taking the Scotsman vouchers round to the newsagent this morning, I passed the Earl Grange coffee shop. Opened just before Christmas, this little place was doing well until the virus arrived. However, humour in adversity – their notice to prospective burglars readsNo money or scones… The premises have been re-organised so perhaps a takeout service is coming?

Edinburgh south is blanketed in a light misty drizzle. It’s warm, too.


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