Wings of a Nightingale

This novel was suggested by my editor at My Weekly; a war novel with an Aussie lead character. It was a challenge research-wise but the end result is something that I’m proud of.

Pauline Newton is an Australian nurse posted to Killymoor Hall in Lancashire. It’s a military hospital which not only cares for wounded servicemen but, surprisingly is also is the base of a nest of Nazi saboteurs. Along with a resident Sergeant, Pauline and her fellow nurses have to uncover the head of the Nazi cell, solve a murder and prevent a catastrophic attack on British soil.

The title is a homage to a favourite song of mine, sung by the Everly Brothers and written by Paul McCartney.

It’s out in British supermarkets on the magazine shelves starting Thursday 6th Feb 2020.

2 thoughts on “Wings of a Nightingale

    • Thanks Sandra. Still awaiting my copies. Complementary ones were sent to my daughter in Manchester, subscription copies twice sent and separately ordered copies also some where in mail oblivion. Hope you enjoy it.


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