A Great Start to the Year

It’s two weeks into 2020 and I’ve sold two short stories. Cordon Bleu to My Weekly and Serves You Right to Take a Break. I haven’t written any short stories for awhile but with well over 300 to chose from in my ‘repetoire’, there’s always one more to send off.

Surprise, surprise, I’ve been busy writing a new novel called Green Skies at Night. My editor read the first three chapters and synopsis the day after I sent them in and, after a major change of setting, I’m now 25,000 words into it. Romance and lots of drama, just the way I love it.

And of course there’s Valley of Secrets, out now on the magazine shelves in supermarkets and newsagencies throughout Britain. My Weekly Pocket Novels are generally with the women’s magazine section at the front of magazines like woman’s Weekly, Take a Break, The people’s Friend and My Weekly. Simples!!!

I hope you are all coping with winter. Bye for now

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