Me? A Romantic Novelist?

I realise your first reaction might be to burst out laughing. Can’t really blame you. However, other people think so. Ulverscroft are publishing my novels in the Linford Romance series. Christmas Down Under came out in November and Lost in the Outback will hit the library shelves in Feb.

Accordingly I am eligible to become a full member of the Romantic Novelist Association in Britain. I joined up on the weekend. Of course they might realise their mistake and cancel my application on one or all of the following grounds.

  1. I’m a guy and, by all that is logical, shouldn’t have the foggiest about romance. A bunch of flowers or a half-eaten box of choccies is usually our effort.
  2. I’m Australian. Enough said.
  3. I’m married and very, very old. However I can still remember and dream of those halcyon days of my youth.

It brings back memories of my short stay in the Weight Watchers group thirty years ago. There were a lot of women in that group too. Eventually I was asked to leave (I believe the term was ‘dishonorable discharge’). Management didn’t take too kindly for me putting weight on then munching away on a large bar of Galaxy choccie during the pep talk to the group.

What will this mean to my presently mediocre life? Mobbed by autograph hunters and fans, eager to get a selfie with me? Recognition when I wander down the street with paparazzi vying for that special candid photo that will make their fortune? I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

5 thoughts on “Me? A Romantic Novelist?

  1. What a nice website! Your kangaroo story also appears in the Paws for Thought e- anthology, available to buy on Amazon. Sales from this are donated to the UK Halifax/Bradford branch of the RSPCA. Many thanks donating this story, Alan, it’s an offbeat, quirky read. I really enjoyed it.

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